Akademia Morska w Szczecinie - Strona Główna


Placing booking requests and hold requests for books

To borrow a book:

1. Register in the Lending Room
2. Log in with the received login and password to the Aleph library catalogue (Sign-in tab)
3. Find the book you need
4. Order the needed book by clicking on Request

! Note:
- If there is a date in the Due date column, it means, that the book is already borrowed by another user and will be available for borrowing after bringing it back to the Lending Room by       the user and as soon as the book is checked-in, the library system sends an alert to the requesting user’s e-mail address (submitted during registration to the Library).
- If there is no date in the Due date column, it means that the book is available and it can be borrowed.

Ordered books will be waiting for picking-up by the ordering user for 3 working days at the Lending Room.
You can reserve books already borrowed by another user. The reservation covers a period of 2 months, and if after this time the book is still unavailable, the reservation is cancelled.

The Maritime University of Szczecin student can have up to 20 books on the library account:
• once (during one logging session) you can order 10 books
• another 10 books can be ordered during another logging in to the library catalogue.

Books can be ordered from any computer with Internet access by entering the Maritime University of Szczecin website:

- click – LIBRARY at the bottom of the Maritime University of Szczecin homepage
- the BG AM homepage opens with the Aleph library catalogue visible

In the catalogue you need to:
a) log in
b) search for a book according to the chosen criterion or criteria
c) from the displayed list, select the item you are looking for by clicking on the Zasób/(ogół/wyp.): a list of copies is opened – with the link next to each copy: Request
d) click on the Request, and if chosen copy of the book is available, you can pick-up the book after nearest full hour (from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm). If all copies of the book are borrowed, you can only reserve the book.

! Note: Check if there is more than one edition of the title in our library catalogue!