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Search criteria for collections

Library collections - books, magazines and other documents are registered in the Aleph computer catalogue in the form of bibliographic descriptions.

The bibliographic description of the document contains information used to its identification.

Elements of bibliographic description are also a criterion for searching a document in the Aleph catalogue.

In order to find a book, magazine or other document, user needs to select one search criterion from the drop-down menu of the search field in the Aleph catalogue:

- All fields (selection of this criterion causes the search time to be extended, the system searches all fields)
- Title
- Author (author's name)
- Keywords (you choose this way if you do not know the author or the title of the book) (When choosing a keyword (headword), enter an expression that defines the subject matter of the documents you are looking for, eg. (construction of machines)
- Conference name
- Publisher
- Publication date
- Language code
- ISBN - international book number
- ISSN - an international number of a continuous publication, eg. a magazine
- Inventory number
- Signature

The most frequently used search criteria are: author's name, title, keywords.