Akademia Morska w Szczecinie - Strona Główna


The Periodicals Reading Room is located in the room 502 and the right to use its resources have all interested. There is open access to the bookshelves practised in the reading room.
At coming to the Reading Room you need to sign in as a student to the book of visitors laying at reception desk.
The collections are available only on-site and cannot be taken beyond the reading room area.

The Periodicals Reading Room offers 28 sites for readers. 

The Periodicals Reading Room collects and shares:

• Polish and foreign scientific periodicals, journals and magazines
• popular science magazines
• daily press
• statistical annuals
• ship registers
• manuals / instructions
• teaching aids for laboratory classes

The collection of the Periodicals Reading Room is marked in the library catalogue with the call number: Pr.XXXXXXXXX , for example: Pr.010012812

The symbol "Pr." indicates that the publication is available only on-site (on the Periodicals Reading Room premises).

The collections are made available without prior ordering.

To find a specific periodical, you can come to the Periodicals Reading Room and browse the bookshelf with recent issues of periodicals, but it is best to use our electronic Aleph catalog, which enables you to find also archival issues.

All the titles of periodicals gathered in the Main Library you can find in the Catalogue of Periodicals.

If you want to narrow your search only to article published in specific periodical, select the Catalogue of Articles. Next, in the search box enter the title of the article or the name of the author. If you don’t know the title of the article and the name of the author, you can search by entering a keyword.

When you find interesting article, you need to write down the following data: title of the periodical, year of the publication, the issue and numbers of the pages. This data are displayed after clicking on the number in the # column on the left (data preceded by “Host item entry”).