Akademia Morska w Szczecinie - Strona Główna


The Lending Room is located on the 5th floor of the Maritime University building at 11 H. Pobożnego Street, room 513b.
Among the collection of the Lending Room you can find the necessary textbooks and scripts, as well as popular science literature and fiction.

The collection of the Lending Room is marked with the call number. W.XXXXXXXXX , for example: W.001008321.

The "W." symbol indicates that the publication is available for borrowing outside the Library.

Types of statuses of the books (loan terms)

Books can be given on loan for:

- 7 days
- 31 days
- 180 days

On the day the particular copy of a book is borrowed by the user, the system determines the due date of the copy, depending on its status. The due date of each borrowed book can be extended for the second same period, unless it hasn’t been reserved by another user. User can extend the due date of borrowed book by him/herself (My Library Card tab) or in the Lending Room.

Fees for overdue returning:

For books returned after their due date, the system automatically generates overdue fees. The fees are collected at the Lending Room.

Charges amounts:

- for books available for 180 days loan - – 0,10 zł / per each overdue day
- for books available for 31 days loan - – 0,20 zł / per each overdue day
- for books available for 7 days loan - – 0,50 zł / per each overdue day

Charges for the delay in returning borrowed books are calculated according to the Library Rules of use

Losing (or damaging) book

If the user loses a book from the Library collection, he/she should contact librarian on duty in the Lending Room as soon as possible. The librarian will determine, which book the user can bring in exchange for the lost one. If a replacement book cannot be purchased at any bookstore, the Library may charge a compensation fee. A compensation fee is also charged for a book damaged by the user and the amount of the fee depends on the level of damage.

Clearance slip

At the end of your studies at Maritime University of Szczecin you will be asked to visit the Lending Room and on a clearance slip the libraian will confirm that you have returned all borrowed books.   The confirmed clearance slip is necessary to complete studies at the Maritime University of Szczecin and to get your final certificate.