Akademia Morska w Szczecinie - Strona Główna


The Books Reading Room is located in the room 504 and the right to use its resources have all interested. The books from its collection are available only on-site (within the Book Reading Room premises) and cannot be taken beyond the reading room area.

At coming to the Reading Room you need to sign in as a student to the book of visitors laying at reception desk.

The Books Reading Room offers 28 sites for readers, 2 computer sites with Internet access and 1 computer site with a scanner.
The book collection is divided by branches with open access to the bookshelves.

The Books Reading Room collects and shares:

• encyclopaedias
• dictionaries
• scientific publications
• handbooks
• textbooks
• scripts
• conference publications
• IMO codes
• sailing directions
• publications of the Polish Register of Shipping
• scientific studies of the Maritime University employees made at the request of companies marked with RES symbol
• naval publications

The collection of the Books Reading Room is marked in the library catalogue with the call number. Cz.XXXXXXXXX/XXY , for example: Cz.000089854 / 10A.
The symbol after slash indicates to which branch particular book is assigned.

The collections are made available without prior ordering.

You can search items directly on the bookshelves (collection is divided by branches) or show the call numbers of specified books (found prior in the electronic catalogue) to the librarian on duty.

Navigation aids (sailing directions, light lists, navigational charts, radio signals, etc.) can be given on short loans with a due date agreed with a librarian on duty.