Akademia Morska w Szczecinie - Strona Główna


abstract - a concise summary of the document's content
agenda - one of the Library's sections (eg. Lending Room)
Aleph - electronic library catalogue
annex - supplement, attachment supplementary to the main text
Arch. - Archival materials (up to 1945 r.)
article - a scientific, journalistic or literary work that is an independent part of a larger whole (eg. periodical)
author - creator of the work/publication

Bel. – Fiction
BG AM – Main Library of the Maritime University of Szczecin
bibliography - an ordered list of documents selected according to specific criteria
bibliographic description - information allowing identification of a book, periodical or article (the source used for, most often containing: surname and name of the author, title of the book or article, place of publication, publishing house, year of publication
BW. - own and statutory research

call number - a letter symbol with a digital sign identifying a given book, e.g. W.000090123; Cz.000037895; Cz.000089683 /10A
computer catalogue - list of books and other documents collected in the Library, available via the Internet
collection – used in the computer catalogue Aleph the term indicates an agenda in which the book, periodical and other
document is located
Cz. - Books Reading Room
Cz.M. - Multimedia Reading Room

database - a set of data with software enabling their use, searching with different criteria
digital library - a virtual library based on electronic resources

e-book - book in electronic form
e-periodical - a periodical in electronic form
errata - list of errors and mistakes noticed during printing, published as a separate sheet
ELS – Electronic Student Card

fiction - works of light literature, mainly novels and short stories

Grom. - Acquisition and Cataloging Department

ID of the user - the number identifying the library user
index - index, auxiliary list, list of terms, register, list of passwords and names appearing in the text, usually placed at the end of the book in alphabetical order

Inf. – Scientific Information Reading Room
interlibrary loans - deals in importing books, prints of journal articles from Polish and foreign libraries, which do not have the libraries of Szczecin
ISBN- International Standard Book Number
ISSN- International Standard Serial Number of serial publications (periodicals)
item status – the period for which specific copy of a book can be kept on loan (short-term, long-term, 31 days or on the site)

KARO - (Distributed Directory of Polish Libraries) - enables simultaneous search of resources of many Polish libraries
keywords - are words or phrases, that reflects the problems raised in the publication

library resource - the number of publications of a given title, available in the Library

non serial publications - publications published immediately as a whole, eg. a book
NUKAT - (National Universal Central Catalogue) central catalogue of Polish scientific and academic libraries

online orders - ordering a book from the Lending Room collection using the ALEPH computer catalogue
open access - possibility of independent choosing, browsing books and magazines on the spot in the reading rooms

prolongation - extension of the loan period of borrowed book/books
Pr. – Periodicals Reading Room

Res. - Scientific and research works

quotation - literal mention of someone's words in the text

reading room - one of the library departments that provides the collection on-site
Regulations - a set of internal regulations governing the organization and functioning of the library, its services and rules for the use of collections
reminders - sent via e-mail or post notifications about the impending date of returning books or about books being detained
reservation of the book - it is hold request made for book that is actually borrowed by another user and will be available to borrow after being returned

serial publications - a publications with an unplanned completion, eg. a periodical, a journal, a magazine, a newspaper or a volume constituting continuations of the subject matter
SNJO - Foreign Languages Learning College Reading Room
standard - a document adopted on the basis of consensus and approved by an authorized organizational unit establishing (for general and repeated use) rules, guidelines or characteristics referring to various types of activities or their results and aiming at obtaining the optimal order in a given scope. In Poland, the national standard is the Polish Standard marked with the symbol PN.
subject heading - an expression reflecting the content of a given document

W. – Lending Room